Korrin Hamilton
From the Heart Massage

About Me

My passion for massage began in 2000 after a car accident left me with chronic back pain. Massage therapy was the one treatment that alleviated this pain and put my body into a peaceful state. I enrolled into Heartwood Institute in 2001. Located in the Northern California mountains, Heartwood is a retreat like atmosphere where I studied with many amazing instructors , focusing on deep structural modalities, nutrition and body mind connection. My experience at Heartwood changed my body and my life. Upon graduation, in May 2002, I started a private practice in sweet Sonoma county California. My practice was built mostly working with people recovering from injury or in chronic pain. This practice was very rewarding and I learned many other skills during that time. In 2008 I moved to San Diego and had my son. The experience of pregnancy and motherhood was life altering and I continued to learn and grow as a therapist... I have since trained and specialized in prenatal and postpartum work for the past 8 years.  With a background in herbology,  nutrition and postpartum care, I offer more than just massage to help you dive deeper into motherhood with support and intuition. I truly love my work and invite you to allow me to nourish and nurture you along your journey. Love is service put into action, take action to love yourself.

Peace and Blessings~ Korrin